Rabbit Zonker Strips Plain


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Rabbit Zonker Strips Plain in Standard size, a must have material for Zonker Flies.

New Colours - Amber and Copper

Soft flexible Rabbit Zonker strips in various sizes and many Colours.
Rabbit Zonker Strips Plain are a standard width of 3mm

Zonker prices vary depending on Supplier, we keep mainly Fishient Rabbit Zonker, but when they have no stock, and for more colours we get from Hareline and Veniard, so the cheaper strips are from Fishient.

Find bigger magnum strips or micro strips, or for Barred rabbit zonker strips go here.

You can also buy a whole rabbit hide cut into strips

Video: Tie an Easy Zonker fly.

Bradley's Egg Sucking Leach, or, DuBois Dangler

It is nice when people come into the shop and share patterns that work for them. In this case Bradley duBois described one of his go-to stillwater flies that works for him. I thought it sounded good, so here is my version of the fly as described, although he may have mentioned a Rabbit Zonker Strips Plain Strip.

Using a Hanak barbless streamer hook, in this case a #10, take a pair of big booby eyes and separate the two. Thread one onto the hook, just like those worms you are used to using. Start your thread.

Tie in a reasonably bushy and long marabou tail.

Move your thread back to the tail and tie in the tips of a nice fluffy black marabou feather.
Advance your thread to behind the 'blob'.

Wind the marabou feather forward, stroking the plumes back and without letting them trap one another.
Tie off behind the 'blob' and trim off the left over feather. Whip finish and you are done. You may want to brush the plumes back to make sure there are no tangles.

The result is a fly to strip with lots bullk and movement. It can be fished with all kinds of retrieves.