Rio Mainstream Saltwater Flyline


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Rio Mainstream Saltwater Flyline
Developed to meet the overall needs of the average and novice fly fisher and are designed to optimize rod performance with slightly heavier and shorter head lengths.

Targeted to the overall needs of the average fly fisher.
Slightly heavier, easy casting lines for a multitude of species
Short, powerful front taper for good presentation and turnover

Every Saltwater Mainstream line undergoes the same rigorous production processes and quality control standards as all RIO fly lines and is made in RIO's Idaho manufacturing facility.

Rio Mainstream Saltwater Flyline is built with a hard saltwater coating for the best in performance.
Rio Lines are available in South Africa from StreamX

Rio mainstream fresh water lines are here

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Mainstream Saltwater - All Models
Line Size Line Color Sink Rate 30' Head Weight Full Head Weight Head Length Total Length
WF7F Blue Float 197gr (12.8gm) 218gr (14.1gm) 35ft (10.7m) 80ft (24.4m)
WF8F Blue Float 225gr (14.6gm) 244gr (15.8gm) 35ft (10.7m) 80ft (24.4m)
WF9F Blue Float 260gr (16.8gm) 330gr (21.4gm) 35ft (10.7m) 80ft (24.4m)
WF10F Blue Float 305gr (19.8gm) 354gr (22.9gm) 36ft (11m) 80ft (24.4m)
WF11F Blue Float 355gr (23gm) 416gr (27gm) 37ft (11.3m) 80ft (24.4m)
WF12F Blue Float 415gr (26.9gm) 532gr (34.5gm) 38ft (11.6m) 80ft (24.4)

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