Rio Tigerfish Sinking Flyline


Rio Tigerfish Flyline – Sinking

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Rio Tigerfish Sinking Flyline for African tiger fish
Designed for the specific demands of anglers targeting the brutal African Tigerfish

Short heavy head that easily load powerful rods
Ultra strong cores in excess of 50 lbs
Aggressive front taper that easily casts large flies
The line features a thicker handling section to protect your hands and make casting easier.

Rio Tigerfish Sinking Flyline for tiger fish is based on the Leviathan line.
Each line features a powerful front taper to cast the biggest of flies and a short heavy head to load blue water rods. A hard tropical coating prevents the line from wilting in the heat.
FEATURES Back loop Front Loop

Rio Tigerfish Sinking Flyfishing Line for African tiger fish is the best you can buy.
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Whether you are fighting these beasts in the Zambezi or Pongola dam, you need a line that sinks fast and is strong enough to tame these beasts, especially when they head for structure. Your fly line must be strong enough to handle the pressure without breaking.
Goliath tigerfish in central africa are even stronger, but the Rio tigerfish line can deliver the strength needed to handle these large, tough fighting fish.

If you would like to book a trip to fish for these toothy monsters, contact African Waters, previous known as Tourettes, and "Fight it in Africa" at one of their Tanzanian camps