Large Turkey Marabou Feathers


NEW COLOURS – Hint of Pink, Hint of Olive Select Large Turkey Marabou – a very popular fly-tying feather used in all styles, for virtually every species. Its mobility is legendary.

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Large Turkey Marabou Feathers Select by Veniard.
Select Large – a very popular fly-tying feather used in all styles, for virtually every species.

Its mobility is legendary.
Mixed pack contains White, Black, Orange, Olive & Brown
Select Large Turkey Marabou.

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Something more durable than Marabou with a similar action is Arctic Fox Tail

Video: Tying the Humongous (Woolly Bugger) with Davie McPhail

Here is some great info on using large marabou to tie flies

A great Fly you can tie with Select Large Turkey Marabou - Skunk Taddy Fly

This fly is essentially a marabou version of Alan Hobson's HOT Fly (Hobson's Original Tadpole).
The original has worked well for all who have used it. alt=While tying some flies with rattles to try out, I wanted something that would keep the hook gape as clear as possible, and hence the marabou. The fly is designed to swim upside down, to avoid snagging on the bottom. The technique is to let it settle on the bottom, giving a short twitch very now and then. On a long cast it is going to take a long time to retrieve, so take a chair.

The first skunk fly with rattle, you can see how it got its name.

Step by Step Tying Instructions

Click here for Step-by-step tying instructions


Using an #8 - #10 wet fly hook, lay a base layer of thread, followed by a bead chain eye.
After a dab of glue on top, place some lead wire as shown, and secure it.


Prepare some Select Large Turkey Marabou feathers and tie on as a tail, the majority being black, then a bit of white.
Add some blue flash, followed by a small tag of red marabou.


Using another piece of prepared black Select Large Turkey Marabou feathers,
tie it in by the tips and to the side.



Select Large Turkey Marabou
Followed by a piece of white on top.



Select Large Turkey Marabou
Wind the black Select Large Turkey Marabou forward and secure. If you want the body a bit fatter,
repeat after winding the thread about two thirds back.



Select Large Turkey Marabou
Bring the white Large Turkey Marabou Feathers over the top, secure and trim.



Select Large Turkey Marabou
Using a small bit of black Select Large Turkey Marabou feathers tied in behind the head, figure-of eight it around the eyes and make a collar behind the eyes after moving your thread to in front of the eyes. Secure with a whip knot or two and you are done.


Select Large Turkey Marabou

And while playing I was following a thread on millionare just had to experiment.

From top to bottom, using pine squirrel, mink, and muskrat zonker strips with marabou tails.

The last one was trimmed at the bottom and some white large marabou added, HOT fly style.