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Fishient Shiner Secret Stuff

Brilliant material which is the base for Ice Dubbing.
Also known as Gartside's Secret Stuff or Angel Hair.

Made in South Africa by Fishient

Video: Tying the Gartside Gurgler fly with Barry Ord Clarke

The Gartside Gurgler is a simple, yet effective topwater fly that is deadly on a variety of fish, including striped bass, bluefish, and largemouth bass. It is easy to tie and can be customized to match the specific conditions you are fishing in.

Here are the basic steps on how to tie a Gartside Gurgler with Fishient Shiner Secret Stuff:

Start with a size 2 or 4 streamer hook.
Tie in a sparse tail of bucktail or marabou about 1 1/2 times the length of the shank.
Tie in 6 inches of five or six strands of Hhiner at the base of the tail.
Tie in a foam head that is slightly larger than the hook.
Bring the foam head over the body and tie it down snugly just behind the eye.
Bring the forward strands of Secret Stuff back over the tail and tie them down.
Whip finish the head and trim the excess thread.
Trim the lip of the foam head to the desired height.

The Gartside Gurgler can be tied in a variety of colors, but natural colors such as white, chartreuse, and olive are always a good choice. You can also add a bit of flash to the body or head to make the fly more visible to fish.

To fish the Gartside Gurgler, simply cast it out and retrieve it slowly with a twitching motion. The foam head will gurgle and bubble as it moves through the water, attracting the attention of fish. The Gartside Gurgler is also effective when fished dead-drift or with a slow retrieve.

The Gartside Gurgler is a versatile fly that can be used in a variety of situations. It is a great choice for fishing in calm water or for fishing over shallow weedbeds. The Gartside Gurgler is also a good choice for fishing in the early morning or late evening when fish are more likely to be feeding on top.

With its simple construction and deadly effectiveness, the Gartside Gurgler is a fly that every fly fisher should have in their fly box.

Here are some additional tips for tying and fishing the Gartside Gurgler:

Use a strong thread, such as Danville Flat Waxed nylon, when tying the Gartside Gurgler. This will help to prevent the fly from coming apart when it is hit by a fish.
When tying the foam head, make sure that it is slightly larger than the hook. This will help to keep the fly afloat and will also make it more visible to fish.
When fishing the Gartside Gurgler, use a slow retrieve. This will help to create the gurgling sound that attracts fish.
The Gartside Gurgler can also be fished dead-drift. This is a good way to fish the fly in calm water or over shallow weedbeds.