Silicon Flutter Legs


Silicon Flutter Legs

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Silicon Flutter Legs from Hareline

Legs that are designed to flutter in the water.

The Grizzly Silicone legs are as buggy as it gets.
They are barred on both sides.

You can almost make a complete fly from the grizzly legs .....

Check out the fine Daddy Long Legs
Here is a video showing the Legs and another about techniques and tying techniques.

Try our Leg Puller to make things easier.

Silicon Flutter Legs from Hareline are versatile and effective for fly tying. These tiny, flexible legs add lifelike movement to your flies. They come in various colors, allowing you to customize your patterns.
Attaching micro rubber legs is simple and quick.
You can tie them in as legs on nymphs or emergers, and they work well on streamers, adding enticing action.

Silicon legs can imitate a wide range of aquatic insects and prey species.
The subtle movement of the legs attracts fish and triggers strikes.
They are durable and can withstand repeated strikes from fish.
Micro rubber legs are also buoyant, making them suitable for floating patterns.
They can be combined with other materials like feathers and dubbing.
Experimenting with different leg lengths and colors can yield unique patterns.
They are particularly effective in freshwater fishing, targeting trout and bass.

Flutter legs are also useful for saltwater flies, mimicking crustaceans and small baitfish.
Whether you're a beginner or an experienced fly tyer, micro rubber legs are a valuable addition to your fly tying arsenal.
They provide realism and motion to your flies, increasing their chances of success.
So next time you sit down to tie flies, don't forget to incorporate micro rubber legs into your patterns.
Get creative and let these tiny legs bring your flies to life in the water.