Slimline Plastic Fly Boxes


Slimline Fly Boxes

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Slimline Plastic Fly Boxes are Clear ABS plastic flyboxes so you can see your flies and choose them before opening the box.

They feature a stainless steel hinge a locking closure and are available in 6 9 and 12 compartment versions.

6 Compartment150 x 95 x 22mm65g
9 compartment150 x 95 x 22mm68g
12 compartment150 x 95 x 22mm71g


Slimline Plastic Fly Boxes, dry fly boxes are made from a clear ABS (Nymph has transparent box) so you can see your flies and choose them without opening the box. All with a locking closure and stainless steel hinge pins.
All boxes feature slit foam for fly storage.

Medium Clear Dry fly box - 151 x 95 x 22 mm, 66g.
Large Clear Dry fly box - 185 x 95 x 18 mm
Medium Nymph fly box - 130 x 107 x 12 mm, 72g.
Large Nymph fly box - 185 x 95 x 12 mm, 78g.