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..and Other Stories from the Rodmaker's Bench.

Fly fishing isn't just a pastime for Bob it's a way of life. It's what he is what he does what he loves to speak of and it fills most of every day in one form or another whether it's actually being on the river fishing with bamboo fly rod in hand at the keyboard writing stories or in the shop making another fine fishing instrument.

Almost as much as he enjoys making rods he enjoys talking rods and he loves to give speeches and presentations to fly fishing clubs civic groups and sporting organizations and sporting organizations.
A bamboo rod maker since 1988 Bob's been a story teller all of his life. Some of this he owes to his Native American heritage where the tellers of tales and legends are held in high esteem.
Bob's life and career has taken him fishing hunting and camping from his birthplace in Southeastern Oklahoma to Alaska and everywhere in between. A

s noted rodmaker Harry Boyd writes in the Introduction: "This book is a passionate collection of stories from the adventures of a maker of bamboo fly rods. There are no how to's included but the why of fishing with bamboo resonates from nearly every page Revel with Bob as he shares his enthusiasm for wild trout in wild places. Grow with him as he progresses from a young man with more bravado than brains to more moderate middle age. More than anything else enjoy in this collection of stories an extreme love of life and love for the people who make up our lives".

Paperback 6 x 9 B and W Illustrations 160 Pages
ISBN: 0984267786