Solarez UV Roadie Kits


Solarez UV Roadie Kits

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Solarez UV Roadie Kits contains all three Solarez fly-tie UV resins; Thin-Hard, Thick-Hard, & FLEX formulas.

Roadie Kit
Contains a small but powerful flashlight that uses a single AA battery (excluded) . It has a focal point of about 1/2 the area of the other two torches but that area (about 1” diameter) is larger than most areas you will probably ever cure at one time.
Each comes in a 5-gram tube (1/10 oz) with applicator tip.
AA batteries are inexpensive.

Solarez UV Roadie Kits

Pro Roadie Kit
All three Solarez fly-tie UV resins in a 1 oz bottle with cone-cap applicator tip – ample for many lures.

Included is a UV-Cure High Output flashlight with optimal wavelength. (this flashlight takes two (2) CR123 Lithium batteries or one (1) 18650 Lithium Ion battery – not included)
It has a powerful beam of about 2” – very adequate

See a video on fly tying tips using Solarez UV Resin. All our glue and UV resin products are here.