Stonfo 708 Nipper


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Stonfo 708 Nipper is a stainless steel nipper equipped with hook eye cleaner.
The anti-slip ergonomic handle improves its efficiency.
It has a hole to attach it to a lanyard or zinger

Here is the stonfo 708 nipper product video.

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Nippers in Fly Fishing

Nippers are used to cut the tag ends of fly line, leaders, and tippets. They can also be used to remove hooks from fish's mouths.

A common type of nipper is the wire nipper, which is made of a strong metal such as stainless steel. It has sharp, pointed blades that are effective for cutting through tough materials like fly line and leader material.

Another type of nipper is the spring-loaded nipper, which has a spring-loaded mechanism that opens and closes the blades. This makes it easy to use, even for people with hand strength issues.

It is important to keep nippers sharp, as dull nippers can make it difficult to cut through materials and can also damage them.

Nippers are a small but essential tool for fly fishing. They are a must-have for any fly fisherman who wants to keep their gear in good condition and catch more fish.

Here are some tips for using nippers in fly fishing:

  • Keep your nippers sharp.
  • Use the right type of nippers for the job.
  • Be careful not to cut yourself.

With a little care and attention, your nippers will last for many years and help you catch more fish.