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Stripping Basket Retro

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Stripping Basket Retro Studios features an adjustable double bungee so you can put one around your waist and one under your bum to ensure stability as well as being able to get the basket to sit low.
Strong quick release buckle
Purchase EXTRA some spikes that can be easily placed at the bottom of your basket to avoid tangles.
We supply 6 but for heavy sinking lines in the surf at least 8-12 should be used.

Please note that for Courier Delivery this item will be send Road freight and not overnight due to it's size and weight

Stripping Basket Retro Studios includes 6 spikes The spikes are supplied with a solid base with thread and slots. The spikes can be cut to length if you want them shorter. The base will remain on the basket if the spikes are removed to use the basket for storage.

Made in South Africa, please support local.

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