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Stroft GTM Tippet 50m Spool. The number 1 monofilament and tested the best!
Very strong and yet supple
Available in South Africa

STROFT GTM is the most successful fishing line worldwide. This is due to it's high tensile strength, optimum elasticity and suppleness.
The line is particularly popular amongst fly fishermen as leader and tippet material.
This monofilament is made from an Polyamide alloy.

For fluorocarbon tippet see the Hanak Competition range.
Please note that the 0X spool is 100m not 50m

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Stroft GTM Tippet 50m spool is the best monofilament fishing line. It is transparent blue-gray, and the diameters from 0.03 mm to 0.10 mm are subtly colored to achieve the highest possible breaking strain.

The TÜV in Munich confirmed that Stroft GTM was the best line tested, and in THE FLYFISHERMAN's 2012 Tippet Shootout, Stroft GTM was their "top pick for overall strength." You can see the test results. at

The main goal of the Stroft GTM tuning process is to maximize the line's breaking strain while improving its elasticity.

This multilevel tempering process is constantly being improved, which is why it is called GTM in German, which stands for Getempertes Monofil, or tempered monofilament.

At the same time, the mix of polyamide alloys is also being improved. Once a development process or material has proven effective, it is used in the production process. This guarantees the best line that is technically achievable.

Over the years, characteristics such as dynamic friction, adhesion, surface hardness, surface smoothness, elastic limit, breaking strength, minimal-load elongation, strike elongation, fighting elongation, sensibility, feedback, memory, flexibility, and softness have been persistently improved.

All of this makes Stroft GTM spool 50m the perfect fishing line for anyone who wants the best quality, which is why it is the number 1 monofilament fishing line.

If you want a weaker, more expensive per meter tippet, try Rio Powerflex.