Stroft Spool System Complete


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Stroft Spool System Complete

A brilliant system to store and use the best tippet in the world.

The leader spool system consists of cutter rings, spool holder and short strap.
The cutter rings are equipped with specially made blades (from Solingen).
They are made of high-alloy stainless steel with gold-colored titanium nitride coatings and enable a very easy and smooth cut, even with thick and tough and also with braided lines.

Thanks to the clamping device, the line ends are always ready at hand. Simply pull the line out of the clamping device, pull off the desired length of line, put it around the blade, tighten - and it's Done!

The spool holder holds 5 or 3 STROFT leader spools (if less than 5 or 3 leader spools are used, empty spools with a cutter ring must be used). The sets can be equipped with a short strap, for example worn on the outside of fishing clothing.

Stroft Spool System Complete, with cutter rings.

The cutter rings rotate (by snap-in connections) on the leader spools. They are easy to install and easy to remove again. The system easy to handle and protects the leaders against the environment and UV damage.
The cutter rings are reusable, and replacing an empty spool is easily done.

The system does not include rolls of tippet, but you can buy them here.

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