Stream Thermometer Analogue Black


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Stream Thermometer Analogue Black

Durable Thermometer for streams and still waters.
It is an important fly-fishing tool and a must have accessory.

The optimal feeding and movement water temperatures for trout is 6.6°C to 19°C degrees. When the water temperature hits 20 degrees Celcius, both species will begin to get stressed. If the water temperature continues to rise and gets in the 23 to 25 degree range for an extended period, it can be lethal for Rainbow and Brown Trout.
Bass will feed at higher temperatures, between 16-29° C, but  ideally you want the water temperature to range between 23-26° C This is when bass feed most aggressively. When it gets warmer it forces bass into shaded or deep structure.
For yellowfish, the feeding temperature ranges form 16-24° C with the ideal being 19° C
Tigerfish really get active when it reaches 20° C
With your Stream Thermometer Analogue Black, you will be able to tell the best times for fishing.

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