Thunder Creek Flies


Keith Fulsher with David Klausmeyer

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Thunder Creek Flies
Tying and Fishing the Classic Baitfish Imitations

All the tools you'll need to tie the entire Thunder Creek series.
Details on constructing the 22 freshwater flies + 6 saltwater designs, descriptions of specific baitfish they imitate, & large glamour shots of each pattern.

Step-by-step instructions to tie the unweighted Blacknose Dace Thunder Creek, weighted Emerald Shiner Thunder Creek, Marabou Shiner Thunder Creek, and Silver Shiner Thunder Creek with tail.
Based on Fulsher's Tying and Fishing the Thunder Creek Series published in 1973, Thunder Creek Flies is a completely revised edition of the fly-tying classic, with nearly twice as many patterns and striking color photographs by David Klausmeyer to demonstrate the unique Thunder Creek style of tying.

Thunder Creek Flies uses new materials and techniques make it easier to create sleeker, better-swimming flies that look and act like real baitfish. With details on constructing the twenty-two freshwater flies and six saltwater designs, descriptions of specific baitfish they imitate, and large glamour shots of each pattern, this book showcases some of the most effective flies an angler can use.

"Thunder Creek Flies is an important addition to any fly fisher's library and a must-have for anyone interested in streamer fishing." -Ed Engle

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Keith Fulsher grew up in north-central Wisconsin, where his father and uncle introduced him to fly fishing for wild brook trout. He currently lives in Eastchester, New York. David Klausmeyer is the editor of Fly Tyer magazine. He lives with his wife, Barbara, on the coast of Maine.

Author: Keith Fulsher with David Klausmeyer
Hardcover 165 color photos; 8.5x11 inches, 124 pgs
ISBN 0811701719 9780811701716