Loon Ergo Flytying Combs


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Loon Ergo Flytying Combs by Loon Outdoors Products

Underfur Comb Loon Ergo
Spinning and stacking hair well, means including just the best hair without underfur. Underfur just causes problems when you tie your flies, and the Ergo Underfur Comb is the best way to make sure that it keeps out. The fine metal tines stand up to any unruly fur or hair, so it is easy to separate the good fibers from the ones you don’t want.
Iconic Loon Yellow powder coated handle,  Ergonomic shape,  Removes underfur,  Works with wide variety of materials,  Stainless steel tines

Loon Outdoors Products Ergo Flytying Combs

Loon Standard Comb The solution to unruly materials at the vise or mangled streamers on the water. The ergonomic powder coated tool is easy find and comfortable in hand, and the stainless steel shaft and teeth make quick work of messy flies at the bench or on the water.
Ergonomic shape, Powder-coated handle, Stainless steel shaft and teeth, 1" teeth

See the video on how the by Loon Outdoors Products ergo underfur comb is used.

Handle your fur nicely with this Clamp.