Hareline Variegated Chenille


Variegated Chenille

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Hareline Variegated Chenille

A staple product for the fly tyers box, VARIEGATED CHENILLE forms the base of many popular flies.
The alternating bands of color add a unique look to your fly.
The first colour described is the base chenille colour, the second the bands.

4mm diameter
5 yards per package.

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See a video on wrapping chenille.

Fly tying with Hareline chenille offers several advantages that make it a popular choice among fly tiers. Here are some key advantages of using chenille in your fly tying:

Vibrant Colors: Variegated Chenille comes in a wide array of vibrant colors, allowing you to create flies that attract the attention of fish. The bright and eye-catching hues of chenille can mimic the natural colors of insects, making your flies more enticing to fish.

Easy to Use: Chenille is a user-friendly material, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced fly tiers. Its soft texture and pliability make it easy to wrap around the hook shank, creating smooth and even bodies. You can quickly master the techniques of working with chenille, enabling you to tie flies efficiently.

Versatility: Chenille offers versatility in fly tying. It can be used to create bodies, thoraxes, tails, and even heads on certain fly patterns. This versatility allows you to experiment and customize your flies according to the specific needs of different fishing situations.

Bulk and Texture: Variegated Chenille provides a certain bulkiness and texture to fly patterns, making them more appealing to fish. The fibers of chenille add volume to the fly's body, giving it a realistic appearance in the water. This bulk can imitate the shape and size of natural insects, increasing your chances of attracting fish.

Segmentation: Hareline Chenille can be easily wrapped in sections along the hook shank, allowing you to create segmented bodies on your flies. This segmentation technique closely mimics the natural body segments found in aquatic insects, adding a realistic element to your fly patterns.

Durability: Variegated Chenille is a durable material that withstands the rigors of fishing. It resists fraying and holds up well even after repeated use. This durability ensures that your flies maintain their effectiveness over time, saving you the trouble of frequently replacing them.

In conclusion, fly tying with Hareline Variegated Chenille offers advantages such as vibrant colors, ease of use, versatility, bulk and texture, segmentation options, and durability. These benefits make chenille a reliable and popular choice for fly tiers of all skill levels.