Veevus Power Thread


Veevus Power Thread

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Veevus Power Thread

16/0 -This is possibly world’s thinnest and strongest Non-GSP tying thread!
The breaking strength on the Veevus 16/0 is around 430g, which makes it as strong as Benecchi’s 12/0 and even UNI’s and Gudebrod’s 8/0!

140 and 240 Denier Power Thread - A brand new thread, stronger and 100% flat - VEEVUS Power Thread.
The thicker size is SO strong that it could replace GSP!

100m spools.

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Video: Using Veevus Power Thread to Tie a Small Olive Dun (Parachute Style) by Davie McPhail.

Why Davy McPhail uses Veevus Power Thread

Davy McPhail chooses Veevus Power Thread for its unparalleled strength, precise control, and fine diameter. The thread's durability ensures his flies can withstand aggressive fish and challenging conditions. Its supple nature allows for intricate manipulation and achieving the desired tension in tying. Its fine diameter maintains the delicate appearance of his patterns.

With superior tensile strength, the thread ensures the flies remain intact during rigorous fights. McPhail values the thread's resistance to abrasion, allowing his flies to endure repeated use. The thread's reliability enhances the craftsmanship and effectiveness of his fly patterns.

Veevus Power Thread's durability and control are essential for tying lifelike imitations and intricate nymphs. McPhail appreciates the thread's consistent performance in various fishing conditions and encounters with rough structures. The thread's versatility and strength provide him with confidence and peace of mind on the water.

McPhail's choice showcases his commitment to producing high-quality, durable flies. The thread's performance aligns with McPhail's attention to detail and pursuit of excellence in his fly tying endeavors.

It has superior strength, control, fine diameter, and durability. The thread ensures his flies withstand aggressive fish, allows precise manipulation, maintains a lifelike profile, and remains intact after multiple uses.

Overall, Davy McPhail's preference stems from its strength, control, fine diameter, and durability. By utilizing this high-quality thread in his fly tying, McPhail can create flies that not only exhibit exceptional craftsmanship but also possess the necessary attributes to entice and withstand the challenges of various fishing conditions.