Veniard Arctic Fox Tail


Arctic Fox Tail – Genuine

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Veniard Arctic Fox Tail Pieces are popular for trout, salmon and saltwater flies. Durable, with the action of marabou in the water. Mix into dubbing loops for spectacular effects.

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A great substitute for Arctic Fox is Marabou.

Arctic fox tail is a versatile and popular material in fly tying. Its long, soft, and mobile hairs make it an excellent choice for creating realistic and effective flies. Here's why using arctic fox tail can elevate your fly tying game:

Arctic fox tail offers versatility, allowing you to imitate various prey species that fish feed on. Its natural movement in the water is a key advantage, as the soft and mobile hairs create lifelike motion that entices fish to strike.

Fly tiers often use arctic fox tail for streamer patterns. The material's long and flowing hairs provide lifelike action, making the flies irresistible to fish. It is also commonly used as tailing material, adding movement and enhancing the overall appearance of the fly.

Arctic fox tail's hollow nature contributes to buoyancy, making it ideal for certain fly patterns that need to float higher in the water column. Additionally, it comes in a variety of natural colors, allowing you to match the prey species you want to imitate, enhancing the fly's realism.

Working with arctic fox tail is easy due to its long and slender hairs. You can achieve desired shapes and profiles for your flies effortlessly. The material also blends well with other materials like synthetic fibers or flash, offering opportunities for creative and effective fly patterns.

When tying saltwater flies, arctic fox tail is a popular choice due to its durability, natural movement, and ability to withstand harsh saltwater conditions. Incorporating arctic fox tail into your fly patterns increases your chances of success, as the lifelike appearance and movement of the material attract fish.

In conclusion, Veniard Arctic Fox Tail is a valuable material in fly tying. Its versatility, natural movement, ease of use, and ability to attract fish make it an excellent choice for creating realistic and effective flies. Whether you're tying streamer patterns, tailing materials, or saltwater flies, using arctic fox tail can elevate your fly tying experience and increase your chances of a successful fishing outing.