VizStik Wax Indicator Sighter


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VizStik Wax Indicator Sighter

VizStik Wax Indicator Sighter

Made in South Africa for local conditions.
The container has a full lid that does not fall off in your pocket

You can swipe it on in any visible colour combination, or create a little bead of the wax over a knot.
Sighter Wax, made from fluorescent colours (except black), allows you to create a quick "sighter leader" on the stream anywhere on the leader. Simply swipe the dispenser across your leader to create a highly visible Euro sighter leader. Add as much or as little wax as needed to create the desired level of visibility. It can also be wiped off using a cloth.

This neon indicator wax is incredibly useful for all types of indicator and Euro nymph fishing. It helps with sighting during low light conditions and when you have trouble seeing your leader or tippet. This allows you to keep your leader straight and tight and maximize your ability to stay in constant contact with your fly. Keeping your fly in the fish zone increases your chances of seeing or feeling a take.

You can fully adjust the length of the application according to your needs. This makes it useful for different types of markings, such as indicating hot spots or the depth of the water. The wax is easy to wipe off with a paper tissue when not needed or when the terrain conditions become demanding and the high visibility indicator could disturb the fish.

The wax is also easy to adjust the length and thickness of each application. This makes it ideal for competitors, as it doesn't add extra weight to the leader or affect how it floats.

In summary, Sighting Leader Wax is a versatile and easy-to-use neon indicator wax that can be used to create a quick and visible "sighter leader" for all types of indicator and Euro nymph fishing.