Wychwood River-n-Stream Flyreel


River & Stream. The lightest reel in the world.

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Wychwood River-n-Stream Flyreel
These new lightweight river fishing reels are a marvel of modern day engineering and the envy of many.

The #2/3 reel weighs in at a staggering 50g and the #4/5 reel at only 58g.

The multi-axis CNC machine technology allows the redefinition of strength capabilities of lightweight structures by removing as much excess material as possible without affecting the structural properties of a fly fishing reel.

The Wychwood River-n-Stream Flyreel reels also features the new innovative adjusta-clicker drag system which provides extra linear tension when palming a fish on the reel and prevents over-run of your fly line.

These are the lightest fly fly reels in the world, and good looking too.
You can choose between two colours, black and gunmetal.
Each reel is supplied with a cloth bag.

#2/3 50g (1.8oz)
#4/5 58g (2oz)*
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More details of the River & Stream can be seen in this Promotional Video.

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Wychwood River-n-Stream Flyreel
Bar stock aluminium cage and spool T1 anodised surface finish
Multi-axis CNC shelling technology
Shortened centre pin for weight reduction
Injection moulded comfort-fit handle
Adjusta-clicker drag system.
*Lightest CNC machine cut clicker-drag fly reels on the global market at the time of launch.